Will You Stand In Their Place?

It’s no secret that many Christians around the world endure persecution on a daily basis. Several thousand are killed for their faith each year while millions are prevented in some form for simply practicing their faith in the open. Persecution against Christians is widespread crossing any boundary and enacted out by many associated with corrupt governments, radical terror groups and other religious sects. It has no bounds or limits and one of Satan’s primary strategies in an attempt to extinguish Christianity and create a strong sense of dread or fear in embracing and accepting Christ. It is clear that many view the spread and adoption of Christianity as a significant threat and therefore feel the need to suppress and stop it.

Many Christians that live in countries where there is little to no persecution and have freedom of religion do not know how to react or get involved with their fellow persecuted brothers and sisters in Christ. Some feel helpless or powerless while others take a blind eye as they see no impact to them so why bother. Jesus however feels strongly otherwise as Hebrews 13:3 clearly states that as the Body of Christ we are to remember those that are in prison or are being mistreated for their faith as if we ourselves were suffering. Those are strong words with a clear-cut command so there would be no room for any kind of misinterpretation.

There are several ways you can become more involved with the Persecuted Church. Firstly and most important is to be in active, continual and intercessory prayer for those that are being persecuted. Secondly is to spread the awareness of our fellow persecuted brothers and sisters in Christ by any social means. Lastly there is now a wealth of resources out there that may help in further educating you around the Persecuted Church and able to assist in who and what to pray for specifically. The Voice of the Martyrs ministry for example has plentiful resources and provides other ways to become more involved such as sponsoring an action pack, med packs, and buying bibles for those in heavily persecuted areas if you feel led in this way. This blog will also promote and publish posts related to prayer requests, testimonial stories, news, events and other items related to the Persecuted Church so please like and follow us.

Will you stand in their place?


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