Prayer Request: Three Churches Closed

Much prayer is needed for the displaced Christians whose churches were closed as a result of a gathering of about 200 Islamists and other local government authorities whom were protesting their existence in the area. The closures occurred on May 23rd in West Java, Indonesia. Specifically pray for these affected Christians and that they will continue to gather for worship and grow more in their faith despite their church buildings being closed. Have them realize that a church building is just a building and that the actual Church of Christ exist within their gatherings no matter where they meet up. Please pray for the protesters that they may ultimately realize that any protest against the Church of Christ is for all intents and purposes fruitless and bears no impact to the unifying strength and undeniable power that lies in the Body of Christ. Additionally pray that this protest will have an opposite effect than intended, that it will change the hearts and minds of many of the protesters and that they will be led to Christ.

For more information please visit the iCommitToPray website:  Pray for Three Churches Closed by Islamists

In His Name.

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