Book Reviews: “Killing Christians” and “Dreams and Visions” by Tom Doyle

When it comes to the persecuted church in the major news headlines it is often rare to find any glimpse of hope or how Christ is using these horrific events to His glory and honor. It is largely assumed that the result of severe persecution always results in death and discouragement for others to accept Christ. In many cases however this could not be further from the truth as Christianity continues to thrive in hotbed places where your faith in Christ is regarded as a death sentence.

There’s probably no other author like Tom Doyle who is able to take you to the front-lines of the persecuted church in the Middle East with his books “Killing Christians” and “Dreams and Visions”. These books contain a collection of first hand true stories of the amazing and wonderful ways God is working in the Muslim world. God is appearing to Muslims in dreams and visions in amazing and supernatural ways.  While some may dismiss this as just merely impacting just a few Muslims here and there, in reality it is creating a much broader and deeper impact and becoming a movement!

Take for example the testimony of Azzam, a former Somalia pirate, now a dedicated Christ follower, who is willing to travel a long distance in a casket under a corpse in order to smuggle bibles to others desperately wanting to know Christ.  How crazy is it that a casket that holds death is the safest means in the transporting of bibles that give new life!   A follower of Allah would never dare touch a dead person.  Like the many other stories in these books, Azzam’s testimony is nothing short of miraculous as Jesus appears in his dreams several times, even in his mosque and ultimately culminating in a vision with a bloody wooden cross on his bed with the voice of Jesus declaring “My blood is still fresh enough for you, Azzam”. Little did he know that another close family member had already found Jesus and was hiding their faith that would cost them their life. Azzam, now one of the Lord’s most dedicated followers, is spreading the gospel truth and converting many others in his mission. He lives literally day by day not knowing what will happen next.

This is but one of exciting stories in how our Lord Jesus is working in the Middle East. Each story will have you at the edge of your seat and wanting you to know more in how Jesus is working even in the midst of severe persecution. We give each of these books 5 stars!

If you are a member of Stillmeadow Church of the Nazarene, come see us to borrow these books.



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