Buy Bibles and Bring the Lost to Jesus!

Often we are overwhelmed with news of persecution and wonder how we can help.  I just listened to a sermon by Patrick Klein with Vision Beyond Borders and I was so inspired by what Bibles in persecuted countries can do!  People are so desperate to get their hands on a Bible.  We have no idea!  Image one Bible shared by many people, pages torn out, believers memorizing their page and then trading with others.  In this way they can learn all of scripture!  Imagine a pastor who has a Bible but no one in his 60 person congregation has one.  He cannot get his hands on any more Bibles.  Imagine a congregation not able to read the scripture for themselves.  Then imagine Bible smugglers give him 60 Bibles!  This pastor sat down and cried for half an hour, he was so overwhelmed and blessed!  Oh, my friends we do not realize the treasure we have in our hands, this Bible we forget to read, that gathers dust on our shelves.  One sentence Patrick said is burned into my brain, “In China for every study Bible that is given out 40 people come to Christ!”  How amazing is that!!!

There is a true story in “Killing Christians”  by Bob Doyle of a former Muslim Somali pirate who Jesus appeared to in visions and dreams who now smuggles Bibles into Kenya.  How?  By hiding himself under a rotting smelly corpse for days along with his Bibles in a casket.  This is the safest place on earth as Muslims will not touch a dead body or go anywhere near.  Imagine the word of God being so precious to share that you would travel in such a fashion!

Oh, my friends we have lost the thirst for the Holy Scriptures!  In so many countries people are literally willing to die to get their hands on a Bible.  Would you consider sending Bibles to these folks?  The following are links of how you can do so.

Vision beyond Borders:

Voice of the Martyers:

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