The Billy Graham of Iran

Dr. Hormoz Shariat has become known as the Billy Graham of the Iranian people. Born into a Muslim family he was led to follow Christ after the arrest and murder of his brother at the young age of 16 on a trivial political charge. Now the founder of Iran Alive Ministries established in 2001 Dr. Hormoz Shariat has led thousands to Christ. Through outreach channels including satellite TV, Internet, call center and social media the formal vision statement for Iran Alive Ministries is simple: “Transform Iran into a Christian Nation; in this Generation”. The vision seems quite implausible given the hostile and persecuted environment of Iran today but inevitable given scripture taken at face value “I will set my throne in Elam.” – Jeremiah 49:38 (present day Iran). The fact is Jesus is on the move in places like Iran whose Evangelical population is exploding on a daily basis and ministries such as Iran Alive are being used by Christ for this major transformation.

Please visit Iran Alive Ministries for more information and how you can become more involved: 

Watch the amazing transformation of Padina’s Story:

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