Bible Smuggling

Voice of the Martyrs 2018 Bibles Issue:

This month’s Voice of the Martyrs is especially encouraging as they detail many stories of God’s hand in the midst of difficult circumstances. I decided for the first time to summarize the stories to my 4-year-old son. We talked about a picture of believers carrying large boxes of bibles balanced on their shoulders through a rocky rough wilderness. We then talked about the desperation of Jesus followers who have no Bibles and the joy they have in receiving these Bibles as well as the extent and danger others go to in order to deliver the Word of God. We are so grateful for all the Bibles we have in our house!

We read the story of Poonam, who after hearing of her conversion, her husband kicked her out of their home and refused contact with her children along with tearing up her Bible. My son could not comprehend this behavior and commented on how this was not a good daddy! I told him no this was not, but this daddy did not know Jesus so we prayed for his salvation. We loved the story of the 4-legged donkey smuggler, who was trained by his master to go on his own over the border crossings with hidden Bibles strapped to his back. What an ingenious way to take Bibles over dangerous borders! We pondered the picture of believers meeting at night in a small cramped room for fear of being found out. We thought about how we travel to church in the bright sunshine to a large beautiful building where we openly hear and talk about Jesus. We thanked God for all we have to enjoy in this country. The freedoms we know are unimaginable in other places.

Next we looked at the country of Nigeria where many cannot read even if they get a Bible. This was certainly mind blowing to my son that mommies and daddies could not read the bible to their children. What absolute joy these believers must have when they receive an audio Bible of their very own!

The last picture we looked at was a lady who as a teen became a Christ follower and was kicked out of her home and had her Bible burned by her parents. There is an underlying theme for all of us reading these stories in the United States- Gratefulness! This is one of the things I wanted to show my son. Not everyone has several children’s Bibles in their home, not everyone can freely go to church, not everyone has loving parents and grandparents encouraging them to follow Jesus. We are blessed beyond measure.

This month VOM is asking for Bible Donations. As you ponder and pray about giving Bibles remember Isaiah 40:8 “The grass withers, the flower, but the word of the Lord stands forever.” There is nothing else in this world that you can spend your money on that matters as much as a Bible. This literally can be the difference between one following Jesus or being lost forever. So please take some time to pray and if you are led to donate click on the following link below to buy Bibles, as low as $6. Depending on where your Bibles are sent you will receive the names of those receiving them.

If you do not receive The Voice of the Martyrs newsletter to your home every month, please click on the following link to sign up:
And as you travel to church this Sunday in the bright sunshine thank God for the freedom you have to worship in the open for all to see and as you read from your Bible think of those who have none.

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